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Amami Rabbit

Amami Oshima and Tokunoshima

Kagoshima Prefecture Website

Amami Kokuto Shochu (article is in Japanese Only)

PDFs are available in several languages the page below.


Amami Town halls websites in Amami Islands

Amami City

Setouchi Town

Tatsugo Town (Japanese Only)

Yamato Village

Tokunoshima Town /Tokunoshima

Isen Town /Tokunoshima

Amagi Town /Tokunoshima (Japanese Only)

Kikai Town/Kikaijima

Wadomari Town/Okinoerabujima

Yoroncho Kagoshima/Yoronjima (Japanese Only)


Sightseeing Relation

Amami archipelago Tourism and Products Association (Japanese Only)

Explore Amami (Amami-Tourism)

Amami International Network (Amami Setouchi Town Kanko Network)

Marugoto Yamatoson (Japanese Only)

Tokunoshima Tourism Organization (Japanese Only)

Okinoerabu Island Tourism Association

Yoron Island Tourism


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