Company Airport TV Network Japan Co., Ltd.
CEO Futoshi Hamada
Address 17-2 Naze Saiwai-cho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima-ken, Japan 894-0025 map>
Capital JPY 3,000,000
Founded January 1980
Business sectors
-Airport building regional information video systems

*Airport building regional information video systems providing the latest travel and sightseeing information for each locale to travelers awaiting baggage, pickup and transport.

Tokunoshima Sky-Vision
(since November 2013)
Kagoshima Port-Vision
(since December 2008)
Miyako Sky-Vision
(since September 2008)
Yaeyama Sky-Vision
(since December 2007)
Okinawa Sky-Vision
(since April 2007)
Kagoshima Sky-Vision
(since April 2006)
Amami Sky-Vision
(since August 2005)
-LED Aurora Vision
Amami-Vision (since October 2011)
-Okinawa Info TV (since July 2011)

*Broadcasting sightseeing content from an islander’s viewpoint to 10,000 rooms in four languages to 30 different Okinawa hotels.

-Advertising agency services / Video and print content planning and editing
-Photograph, video and image shooting and rental