nature of Amami Oshima -revised version- is now on sale




Nature of Amami Oshima


First published in June, 2000.

Twenty-two years have passed since the first real guidebook of Amami Oshima, as major advances in research and new technologies were made. More new species have been discovered as the environment has changed dramatically.

In 2021 Tokunoshima, Northern Okinawa, Iriomotejima, and Amami Oshima were registered as World Natural Heritage sites. This book has been revised and reprinted because Nature in Amami is now a global brand.

This book describes the invaluable ecosystem protected by father of Amami natural scientists Ohno Hayao and his apprentices as they were terribly slandered for their efforts amid post-war industrial development.

The duty to keep a peaceful and safely livable natural environment for Amamian species now falls on us.

We hope that whoever reads this book embraces it as a great guidebook to Amami.


The book is sold on the website (            *Available in Japanese only.

Note: The original version is different from the revised version. The book cover has been changed.

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