Animals of Forest

Ryukyu Wild Boar

The Ryukyu archipelago subspecies of the Japanese wild boar that lives on the main islands of Japan has a smaller, stockier torso and a short, thick neck. The boar are dispersed throughout the Amami and Sakishima Islands, and the main island of Okinawa. Japanese wild boar are about 150 cm (approx. 4.9 ft.) long and weigh up to about 100 kg (approx. 220 lb.), while the Ryukyu wild boar are smaller: about 110 cm (approx. 360 ft.) in length, weighing between 45 and 49 kg (approx. 99 lb. and 108lb). Living primarily in the forest, these omnivores eat not only agricultural products, but also rodents, insects, snakes and other animals. Female wild boar give birth twice a year, from October – December and then April – May, with litters of 4–6 piglets each time.

Ryukyu wild boar emerges from the forest

A wallow of Ryukyu wild boars. Applying mud on their bodies to avoid from tics.

Scientific name (animal) Download(pdf:135KB)

Photos / ©Futoshi Hamada

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