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What is Horizon

In 1995, we launched Horizon, a magazine passionately dedicated to the Amami archipelago. The word “horizon” can mean either the horizon as viewed from the land, or the horizon as viewed from the water, and we chose it for the latter meaning. It was important to us to include the meaning that Neriya-kanaya has in these southern islands surrounded by ocean.


文化 Culture

The culture of Amami Oshima has flexibly absorbed culture from Ryukyu and Yamato (Japan) while creating elements uniquely Amamian in the countless profound examples that attest to the hearts of ancestor islanders.

Amami's Culture

自然 Nature

Amami Oshima is called a treasure trove for the endemic species inhabiting the island’s thick forests, long rivers and mangroves. In July 2021, it was registered to UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage for the large numbers of unique animals and plants that have survived here since ancient times.

Amami's Nature

Horizon Journal


Project Contributors

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